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Which teams will most likely win the English Football league

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Which teams will most likely win the English Football league

The English football league is by far the most interesting leagues around the world. This is due to the popularity of football in many countries around the globe. However, this popularity has seen English football teams being glorified in remote corners around the world. It will be surprising to learn that even an Islamic extremist like Osama bin Laden was a fan of English football team Arsenal. It now looks like everyone around the world has a favorite English team. Even aspiring footballers  wish to play for an English football team one day. It is considered the highest of achievements in the world of football. 

The English Premier League is full of surprises

With the English league already started, there are a number of teams that standout when it comes to taking this seasons’ league. You should take note that the English Premier League is one of the most competitive around the world. It is often hard to pinpoint who is going to win the league for certain.  This is unlike the Bundesliga where Bayern Munich wins almost every season. The English Premier League is quite full of surprises, make sure to follow football news

To explain the level of surprises found in the English Premier League imagine this: Leicester City won the English Premier League in the 2015-2016 season coming straight from the championship league. The odds that Leicester city was going to win the League where one in five thousand. A ten pound bet on Leicester city could have netted a lucky punter fifty thousand pounds. That’s the level of surprises to expect in the English premiership!

The likeliest winners in the English Premiership League for this season

As coronavirus threatens to derail the world of sports, it seems the English league will just continue without the need for fans in the stadium. However, the sport of football must continue in the midst of a pandemic. Football teams have purchased highly expensive players in order to tip the balance in their favor. This season has been dubbed the “new normal season”. This means players and football officials are constantly being tested for the coronavirus. Once they test positive they are no longer eligible to play till they recover. 

This causes a huge level of  stress among fans and management. Any time a star player could be stopped from playing due to the coronavirus rather than an injury!

Currently, Tottenham Hot spurs is leading in terms of the League standings. If they manage to win the league it will be their first time. Tottenham Hot spurs are actually the favorite to win the League this year. They have hired an incredible manager. Mourinho has a history of winning top tier football. It is highly likely he wins this season. Furthermore, Tottenham has loaned soccer star Gareth Bale from Real Madrid. This tips the balance in terms of star power.

Also, the team has been performing well in the English Premier League title. Being able to score a goal difference of 14 goals. They have lost a single match since the start of the league. That is a good start in any books. 

Another  top contender will be Liverpool. They won the last English League Season and have equal points with Tottenham hot spurs.