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The Difference between American Football & Rugby

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The Difference between American Football & Rugby


Despite being so similar, American football and rugby are two different sports. Many people perceive American football and rugby to be the same. At a glance, both American football and rugby look alike because of the gameplay and the field setup. There are many factors which make American football and rugby two completely different sports. Below are the main differences between these two sports, which are widely practised and followed.


American Football vs Rugby

Number of players
Both American football and rugby require two teams, two play. In American football one team is composed of 11 players. On the other hand, in rugby one team is made up of 15 players. 

Unlike soccer which lasts for 90 minutes, American soccer and rugby also have different durations. An American football match lasts for 60 minutes. The 60 minutes are separated by a break of 30 minutes. Moreover, the 30 minutes also breaks down in intervals of 15 minutes. On the contrary, the duration of a rugby match is 80 minutes and splits into two halves of 40 minutes.

Rules of Playing
The style of playing American football is like basketball where either you run with the ball or you pass it to your teammates. In short, you can only use your hands to play American football. Whereas in rugby you can also kick the ball. 

The number of substitutes allowed also differentiate American football from rugby. In American football, you are allowed to make an unlimited substitution. Yes, you can practically change the whole team. On the opposite in rugby, you are allowed to make only seven changes.

Equipment & Gears
Another striking difference between American football and rugby is the equipment and gears that are worn during a game. In rugby, all that you need is a gum shield. While playing American football, you need to be fully protected. First of all, you need to wear a helmet. Moreover, you also need to wear protective equipment such as knee caps, chest shields, leg and shoulder protectors. 

To Conclude
Because of the physicality of the game, many people regard both as the same sport. However, with the list of differences above, it is now clearer for you that American football and rugby are two completely different sports.